An online workshop is the opportunity to interact with people in places far and wide. COSEE-West online workshops give educators the chance to gain a national and international perspective on the most pertinent issues and topics that face our society today.

Weather, Sea Level Rise and
Climate Change
November 3 - 23, 2008

Join us!
The COSEE-West Climate Change workshop invites you to meet and interact with the scientists at the forefront of the issue of global climate change. Our online lectures (by the scientists themselves), resources, lesson plans (aligned to California state science standards) and discussion rooms provide educators with the tools and background necessary to educate the next generation to inherit our troubled planet.

Our three-week workshop is free, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can also be completed for graduate credit from California State University, Fullerton.


Lecture available starting on 11/3/08: Dr. Yi Chao (JPL) will discuss “Changing Climate and the California Coastal Ocean.” He will describe how the earth’s climate is changing and present the kinds of regional effects those changes are having, particularly in the southern California area. His current research interests lie in satellite oceanography with a focus on coastal oceans, ocean modeling, data assimilation and forecasting, air-sea interactions and climate variability and change.

Lecture available starting on 11/10/08: Dr. Eric Rignot (UC Irvine) will discuss “Glaciers and Global Sea Level Rise.” His presentation will focus on glaciers, especially in Antarctica and Greenland, and how those icy regions are reacting with respect to our changing climate. He will discuss what affect changes in those areas will have on sea level. His current research interests lie in glaciology, climate change, radar remote sensing, ice sheet modeling, interferometry, radio echo sounding and ice-ocean interactions.

Lecture available starting on 11/17/08: Dr. William Hamner (emeritus, UCLA) will discuss “Some Biological Oceanographic Consequences of Changing Climate and Global Sea Level Rise." This lecture will provide a synthesis of the two other keynote lectures as Dr. Hamner discusses many of the issues introduced in the preceding lectures by Dr. Chao and Dr. Rignot, with specific examples from his research in Palau, the California Bight, and Antarctica. His research interests lie in the behavior of oceanic animals, emphasizing in situ observations at sea.





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Overview of this online workshop
The Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence-West (COSEE-West) will host this virtual teacher workshop on weather and climate change. Content material will cover some of the atmospheric mechanisms and consequences of climate change, its effects on California’s climate, as well as the impact of glaciers on sea level rise.

Participants will have the unique opportunity to interact online with faculty and research scientists as well as educators from around the world.

Meet the Scientists
Dr. Yi Chao:

Dr. Eric Rignot:
Dr. William Hamner:

Climate Change: State of the Earth
From National Geographic

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About COSEE-West
We are a community-based ocean science education network of oceanographic researchers, K-12 educators, informal education centers and the general public.

COSEE-West is the west coast hub for the National Science Foundation supported COSEE (Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence) effort. The primary role of the COSEE network is to act as a catalytic, multi-faceted collaboration that integrates ongoing research in the ocean sciences with K-12 education and outreach.


The workshop is FREE!

However if you wish to obtain graduate credit, one unit of GRADUATE CREDIT will be offered through Calif State University at Fullerton for $90.

You must fill out the registration form and submit it to California State University, Fullerton by Wednesday, November 5, 2008.

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