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Conservation and the
Coral Reef World
 February 4 - March 1, 2002

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Sustainable Seas Expedition
 'conservation and the coral reef world'

an online workshop  for educators designed to bring explorers, scientists and teachers together for four weeks of  learning about the wonder of the Coral Reefs. All activities are web-based. Bring your browser!

If you have registered already a user name and password will be sent to you prior to the start date of the workshop. Otherwise just go ahead and register and create your own and join the workshop now.

Program Highlights

Coral Reefs 101 for the Classroom

Dr. Sharon Walker,
 The University of
 Southern Mississippi

Status of Coral Reefs and Threats

Dr. Steven Miller, National Undersea Research Center

Uses and Abuses of Coral Reefs

Dr. Steve Webster, Monterey Bay Aquarium

Education Programs and Conservation Practices for Australian Reefs

Ms. Colleen Newnham, Great Barrier Reef Authority

breakout sessions to include field reports from the following areas

'Deepwalker dives' Mexico, may 2001

American Samoa

 Florida Keys

Report & Video from Dr. Claudia Padilla

Dr. Dawn Wright

Francesca Cava, SSE & Mary Tagliareni

See you there!!