College of Exploration


The College of Exploration (TCOE) is a global learning network. We work with partners around the world on innovative and exploratory learning programs about our environment, earth, ocean, technology, leadership and other education topics. We are organized as a collegium and we strive to foster relationship with and between our inner and outer worlds.

Since 1991 TCOE has designed, delivered, and evaluated educational programs, workshop, courses and events for learners of all ages around the globe, with a particular emphasis on web-based courses and workshops for educators.

Our national and international expertise includes producing and offering both on-site and online events such as workshops and conferences. We create and support programs in strategic planning,large-scale decision making, evaluation and assessment, media production, curriculum development, and forums for educators,students, and researchers.

Our work with partners around the world includes:

  • Creating and offering online ubiquitous networked collaborative learning environments
  • Providing professional and organizational development, training and learning programs
  • Connecting scientists and their research with educators and the general public
  • Conducting program evaluation and educational research
  • Working collaboratively to develop and support science literacy initiatives
  • Creating and incorporating video in learning programs
  • Facilitating large-scale decision making events online, bringing groups together to achieve targeted goals
  • Co-exploring and co-creating new programs, initiatives and missions

We see a continued need to improve and increase learning opportunities, especially in the geosciences and particularly ocean and earth sciences. We look forward to working with new partners and seek opportunities to collaborate with others to co-write proposals in new grant endeavors. 


The College of Exploration focuses on earth science topics, from drilling deep in the ocean floor to geoscience research around the world. TCOE played a key role in the Earth Science Literacy Initiative, which helped identify the big ideas that everyone should understand in earth science.

Below are links to some of the partners, projects and websites we have worked on. To view details about all these earth related projects, click here.


The College of Exploration adopts a systems approach in its learning endeavors, taking a holistic look at the entire system that affects its programs and courses.


The College of Exploration was a key partner in the Great Lakes Climate Change Education Partnership sponsored by NSF. TCOE has also played a supportive role in the Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network by helping to establish weekly network communication.


The College of Exploration strives to use the latest multimedia technologies to support communication and learning, including video , webcasting , and webinars. Technologies are featured in connecting the science community with the education community, facilitating collegial exchange and sharing of information about cutting edge research. Below are some of the partners, projects and websites we have worked on.