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Online Campus

The Online Campus is a designed to build a community of practice for students, educators, scientists and explorers. Anyone interested in Leadership, the Environment, Technology, the Ocean, the Earth, Space, is welcome to join.

The College of Exploration community has been growing since our beginning in 1991. Over the years we have offered workshops and courses on a variety of topics. Many of the resources developed for them are now available in the Online Campus. Below you can sign up to join the community!

College of Exploration - Online Campus

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Courses and Workshops

The College of Exploration launched a new set of courses starting in the summer of 2013 in partnerhsip with Ashland University, featuring expert faculty and professional development topics in education pedagogy, assessment and science.

The courses are short, require a fee, and if you wish you can gain graduate credit through Ashland University, an accredited institution in Ohio, by registering for the course credit and paying for it on the Ashland University website.

Visit our Online Campus to view the courses available.

The eLearning market continues to grow at a very rapid pace. The College of Exploration is utilizing the latest web technologies such as HTML5 to ensure the student and teacher experience is of the highest quality by enabling the courses to be viewed on many types of devices from desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile.


Video Library

The College of Exploration has a vast video library from over 20 years of projects. Many are related to using video for online education.

Please visit our Video Library to view current and past videos which have been produced by TCOE or have been part of the specific projects.

Visit  the Online Video Library


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Join us to login and be part of an online educational workshop and many other learning experiences. You can join the community now, there is no fee and you can access most of the materials online from the community centre. A simple registration process is required.




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